Q: Do I need a latex backing?

A: We highly recommend the application of a latex backing on all Flatweaves products. The latex aids stabilisation and increases life expectancy. We charge this at an additional price/m2.


Q: Do I need an underlay?

A: A good quality underlay is always recommended for CAVALCANTI Flatweaves installations. For a loose runner/rug on a hard floor we recommend that Anti-slip underlay is used to prevent slippage


Q: Can I have a bespoke colour?

A: We offer a bespoke design and colour service for all our Flatweaves. The range consists of 9 designs that can be made to order, with a wide range of colour combinations, border sizes and colours all in bespoke sizes, up to 5 meters in width and in any length. Please get in touch to see our colour chart.


Q: Can I request a sample?

A: Yes. Cuttings are free of charge, however we may not have the exact design and colour ways available immediately.
Larger samples are available for a refundable deposit. Call us up to discuss having a sample produced to meet your specifications. Please note, a bespoke sample can take up to 8 weeks to deliver.
If producing a sample is too time consuming for you, we also provide a image rendering service where we can produce a digital mock up of your preferred design and colour way.


Q: What size can you produce?

 A: For flat-woven rugs the maximum width is 5.5m and unlimited length with options to join in factory or on site.


Q: What is the lead-time?

A: Our flatweaves are made to order, and can take up to 10 weeks to be delivery to any UK address.


Q: How do I care for my Flatweaves?

A: Clean regularly with a suction vacuum cleaner to remove surface dirt.
If any spillages occur, act quickly. Blot the liquid with a soft, colourless absorbent cloth then dab with a clean cloth dampened with upholstery shampoo solution. Rinse and blot dry.
After receiving your rug, we will provide you with a Maintenance and Care Document which details cleaning solutions. 


Q: Do you provide a warranty?

A: We will provide you with all relevant documentation, including a two years
product warranty, product certificates and Maintenance & Care guidelines.


Q: What are the payment terms?

A: A 50% deposit is required with order and balance upon delivery.




Q: How do I measure my staircase?

A: We recommend that you have a minimum margin of 5cm either side of your runner and the edge of your staircase.
1.     For straight steps, measure one riser and one tread to give the length needed for each step. Include the “nose” in the measurement (see drawing A). Check that all treads and risers on your stairs have the same measurements.
2.     Count steps and check for differing depths.
3.     Multiply the number of steps x length needed for each step. If the steps all have different measurements, you will need to measure each one individually and add the measurements together.
4.     Measure the final riser of the flight and also add an extra 50cm per flight to allow for tolerance.

Q: Can I hire someone to measure my stairs?

A: We can recommend a specialist fitter for a site survey, who can come to the site to measure the stair case in order to get an exact size to provide a firm quotation for both the rug and the fitting services.


Q: How much does a site survey cost?

A: A site survey costs £90 ex VAT. 


Q: Can I use my own fitter?

A: CAVALCANTI Flatweaves are a specialised material therefore it is essential that you employ somebody experienced in fitting the product. Good fitters will leave you with a high quality installation which will ensure that the carpet performs better over its lifespan.
We have a team of specialists who we are more than happy to recommend.


Q: Are CAVALANTI Flatweaves suitable for winder?

A: We can produce Flatweaves for a staircase with winders, each piece has to woven individually and cut to size on site. These pieces will have a hand-stitched edge. Winders projects will only be accepted with the use of our own specialist fitter.


Q: What is the life expectancy of my stair runner?

A: CAVALCANTI Flatweaves are contract quality, meaning they are very hard wearing and can withstand a lot of footfall. However, it is impossible to guarantee how long your stair runner will last as they wear very differently dependent on the individual household and layout of the staircase. To prolong the life, insist on a shoe-free policy and ensure the installation is completed to a high standard.



Q: How does the commissioning process work?

A: After an initial consultation to discuss your project we will provide at least two options of designs (digital output from originals) per rug incorporating your required hues and dimensions. 
You will receive quality samples for each proposed finish/quality and colour poms for each colour proposed
Upon receipt of proposed designs, we will discuss and adjust any details, including colours, materials and finishes proposed
If designs do not meet your requirements, we will go back to the drawing board and start again.


Q: Is there a designer’s fee?

A: This is included within the £/m2. However, If at the end of the design process you change your mind and decide not to proceed, we will charge a £300 designer’s fee to cover our time and expenses.


Q: What is the lead-time?

A: Lead times can take up to eight weeks for hand-tufted or flat-woven rugs and fourteen weeks for the hand-knotted quality.


How much does a rug cost?

A: All our rugs are priced per square meter. Please get in touch for a price list or a quotation.


Q: What shape can you produce?

A: Rectangular, square, round, oval, irregular and according to patterns


Q: What size can you produce?

A: All our rugs can be made to any size specifications which limitations on the width and no limit on length. For tufted rugs the maximum width is 9.5m, with no limitations on length and options to join in factory or on site.
The knotted rugs and flatwoven  rugs maximum width is 5.5m with no limitations on length.


Q: Where are the rugs made?

A: Our Tufted and Flat-woven products are produced in Portugal and are fully
compliant with UK and EU Health and Safety Regulations.  
Our hand-knotted rugs are produced in Nepal, using pure Tibetan wool. Our manufacturer is certified by the GoodWeave foundation.


Q: Are your rugs ethically produced?

A: The GoodWeave label is the best assurance that no child labor was used in the making of your rug. In order to earn the GoodWeave label, rug exporters and importers must be licensed under the GoodWeave certification program and sign a legally binding contract to adhere to GoodWeave’s no-child-labor standard; allow unannounced random inspections by local inspectors; and pay a licensing fee that helps support GoodWeave’s monitoring, inspections and education programs.


Q: Can you roll the rug out for me?

A: Our standard delivery service is a curbside delivery. We can provide further installation services at additional costs.


Q: How do I protect my rug / runner if I still have works taking place in my property?

A: Our fitter can provide protection for the rug (s) / runner (s) post installation if necessary at additional cost.