The CAVALCANTI Collections embrace superior materials and production methods to produce luxury rugs with elegance and discernible quality. Collections comprises of a selection of hand tufted rugs made from Wool, Linen and Eucalyptus with a focus on material and texture.


Our Wool rugs naturally possess qualities which allow for vast flexibility within the possibilities of design and colour. Our New Zealand wool, renowned for its purity of colour, is dyed in-house with contract quality dyes to the highest standards ensuring top light and colour-fastness.

Our Moon range is produced with Eucalyptus fibre sourced in the EU and is of outstanding quality. Moon rugs boast extremely high comfort levels and are characterised by their silky feel and luxurious finish. 

A contract quality hand tufted range made with a combination of wool and linen. Loosely laid lines of cut wool pile run alongside looped linen rows, evoking the surface of a desert and its wind moulded sand expanses.

A contract quality hand tufted range made with pure Italian Linen. The cut and loop tufting technique adds a contemporary feel to a material renowned for its impressive durability and long life. 

Flax 16 can be produced in any shape, available in plain colour, colour blends (up to five colours) and bespoke designs.

Characterised by its shaggy pile, Flax 45 takes thecomfort and luxury of the Italian linen further, creating anextremely snug and luxurious deep pile rug.