“When designing a rug I take into consideration colour and size requirements, the source of light to be cast upon it and its position within the space.” Chi Chi Cavalcanti 



Bespoke Designs

Shadow Taupe | Hand tufted in Wool and Tencel. 
This monochromatic piece juxtaposes the Wool’s matt quality with the sheen of the Moon, a silk like material, creating a unique space where light and texture are at play. 

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Bespoke designs can be adapted from the CAVALCANTI portfolio of existing artworks or specially created for individual projects.

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Recent Bespoke Projects

Over the years CAVALCANTI has completed a wide range of UK-based and international projects for some of the world’s leading architects, designers and interiors specialists. 

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Bespoke Flatweaves Projects

Our Flatweaves products are made to order with various options available for customisation. With bespoke colours and sizes as a standard, more bespoke options include choosing border colours and widths, with options to mix patterns and colours within bands or blocks within your rug.